Summer Students

The GNWT supports northern post-secondary students in their pursuit of a higher education by offering a summer work opportunity.  Students gain valuable work experience to enhance their employment prospects upon graduation.  

Northern post-secondary school students are hired as casual employees between April 15 and August 15. During this time period, students are given a higher priority over non-student applicants for casual positions.
Students are encouraged to be proactive in their search for employment with the GNWT. Research the GNWT to find departments with units and divisions related to your field of study.  Approach managers directly, indicating you are interested in working for their department. Hiring is based on the individual needs of departments, boards and agencies, so managers will contact students directly if an opportunity arises. 
Applications for the Summer Student Program are accepted beginning December 1.


You must be a current resident of the Northwest Territories and meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Are completing a semester of full time post-secondary studies within the four months prior to applying under this program.
  • Are being accepted to attend full time post-secondary studies at the start of the fall 2017 semester.

How to Apply

  1. Submit your cover letter, and a current copy of your resume through the Summer Student Employment Program posting listed on our Current Openings (available December 1 to August 15)
  2. You will be required to provide proof of registration in a post-secondary institution.
  3. You will be contacted by a hiring department if a potential match is found.

Helpful Hints for your Application

In order for your application to be considered, your cover letter and resume MUST INCLUDE the following information.

  • Your field of study (Education), type of certification (Diploma/Degree) and the number of years you have completed in your program.
  • Your updated contact information including your email address, phone number and address at school AND your permanent NORTHERN residence.
  • Your home community and the communities you are willing to work in for the summer.
  • Your affirmative action status, if applicable.