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Location: Yellowknife

Department: Northwest Territories HSSA

Job Code: 14591

Salary: $87,263 - $104,208

Job: Full-Time

Term: Temporary

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Department Information

The Northwest Territories is a wonderful place full of interesting people and lovely settings. It is practically unspoiled and is an immense Canadian gem. Visit for more information on what makes the Northwest Territories a great place to visit and an even better place to live.

The City of Yellowknife is located on the Northern shore of Great Slave Lake and is the Aurora Capital of North America.  Located in a remote scenic part of the Canadian Shield where you can experience all the wonders of nature alongside the amenities of a modern city.  Soak up the historic charm of this mining town, bask in the enchanting glow of the Northern lights and experience the North's vibrant arts and cultural heritage.

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority –Stanton Territorial Hospital (NTHSSA) is looking for Sonographers to join the health care team.   Stanton Territorial Hospital (STH) is a 100 in-patient bed accredited facility, located in Yellowknife Northwest Territories (NWT).  For more information please visit


We have two exciting opportunities for casual Sonographers.

  •  "Travel the North" Opportunity. By signing up for a casual contract of 3 weeks or longer you can travel throughout the Northwest Territories including Inuvik, Fort Smith and Hay River.
  • A Casual contract of 1, 2, or 3 weeks will allow you an opportunity to work with the wonderful healthcare staff at Stanton Territorial Hospital.

Job Information

Stanton is an accredited facility located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT). Stanton is the referral center for approximately 43,000 NWT residents and 5,900 residents from the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut. Stanton provides health care services to adults and children on an inpatient/outpatient and outreach basis in order to restore health with dignity. Stanton recognizes the health hazards associated with tobacco in the workplace, both to smokers and non-smokers alike. Therefore, Stanton maintains a tobacco free environment within the building and throughout the property.

Located within Stanton and reporting to the Technical Supervisor for administrative purposes, the incumbent utilizes ultrasound equipment to independently produce and interpret high quality sonographic images required by the Radiologist to complete accurate diagnosis of patients. The incumbent works as part of the Diagnostic Imaging Department team that consists of the Supervisor, 4 Radiological Technologists, 1 Mammography/Radiological Technologist, 1 Mammography Technologist, 4.5 Sonographers and 1 CT Technologist.

Approximately 6000+ ultrasounds are performed annually, through referrals from medical/nursing practitioners.

The incumbent will perform sonographic examinations on a variety of internal structures including the adult and pediatric neck, abdomen, pelvis, scrotum, adult heart, deep leg veins, breasts and the pregnant abdomen which includes the developing fetus. Sonography is a diagnostic imaging method to identify and document physiological and pathological status of internal anatomy to assist with diagnosing specific disease states. Sonography is often the only method of diagnosing specific disease states. When performing sonographic examinations the incumbent will interpret the anatomy scanned and determine which images to document to forward to the Radiologist based on what is seen within the scans (i.e. for identification of pathological changes of internal anatomy). Accuracy and precision of ultrasound exams are paramount to identify existing pathology to enable detection and diagnosis of disease. Exams are carried out in accordance with policies and procedures developed by Stanton, Sonography Canada and the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

In addition the incumbent will be required to provide hands-on support and patient care during invasive examinations conducted by a Radiologist (e.g. including but not limited to biopsies and aspirations). During these procedures the incumbent will be responsible for all preparations required for the procedure including: explaining the procedure to the patient, documenting the necessary images and post procedure care as required. In the case of a biopsy the incumbent will independently locate the specific area to be biopsied for the Radiologist/Physician to perform the procedure, utilizing the real-time ultrasound performed by the Sonographer.

Many of the exams performed by the Sonographer may cause significant levels of discomfort to the patient as the ultrasound transducer is always in direct contact with the patient's skin (e. g. including but not limited to examinations of the scrotum, breast and pelvis - via the vagina). The incumbent must maintain a high degree of professionalism in order to ease the patient's anxiety.

The 4.5 Sonographer may be required to work shifts extended regular hours of work of 8 am to 4 pm. As well, sonographers will be required to rotate through the Yellowknife Primary Health Care Clinic.


  • In depth knowledge of and an advanced ability to perform and interpret detailed ultrasound examinations in the following areas: adult and pediatric neck, abdomen, pelvis, scrotum, adult heart, deep leg veins, breasts and the pregnant abdomen which includes the developing fetus.
  • A specialized knowledge of ultrasound physics is required to create and interpret images produced.
  • Execute fine movements of the hand and wrist in order to accurately image subtle and minute detailed anatomy (highly developed hand eye coordination).
  • Advanced knowledge of internal anatomy and physiology of all areas to be examined using sonography methods and be able to seek out and recognize pathological changes of internal anatomy. This includes knowledge of and an understanding of pathologies which may affect internal structures.
  • An understanding of and an ability to conduct QC measures on all ultrasound equipment.
  • A working knowledge of and an ability to efficiently operate a RIS and PACS system.
  • Initiative (shows persistence) - an ability to persist which may mean taking two or more steps to overcome obstacles or rejection (does not give up easily when things do not go smoothly).
  • The incumbent must be able to communicate effectively. This includes being able to get one's point across to both medical and non-medical individuals.

 Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by:

  • The successful completion of a Certified Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.

More Information

Immunization Status

The successful candidate will be required to obtain proof of current up-to-date immunization status.


Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered.


Salary Information

The salary range for this position is from $44.75per hour to $53.44 per hour (approximately $87,263- $104,208.) plus an annual Northern Allowance of $3,450.


Eligibility lists may be created from this competition to fill future term and indeterminate positions.


Criminal Records Check

Candidates must provide a satisfactory criminal record check. Failure to provide a satisfactory check may deem you disqualified from the competition.


Affirmative Action

Candidates must clearly identify their eligibility in order to receive priority consideration under the Affirmative Action Policy.


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Job Opening ID # 14591 

Closing Date: Open until filled


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