Graduate Internships – Public Sector

Graduate Internships are relevant work experience available to Northern graduates for a minimum one year period with the GNWT; Interns are usually employed in positions related to their field of study.


There are two aspects to eligibility:  you must be a Northern graduate and you must meet the academic eligibility.

A northern graduate is an individual who:

  • Was a Territorial resident for at least three continuous years immediately prior to graduating from a post-secondary institution located in the Northwest Territories and who remained and resided in the Northwest Territories following graduation from the institution; or
  • Attended a post-secondary institution located outside the Northwest Territories, but resided in the Northwest Territories for at least twelve continuous months immediately prior to attending the post-secondary institute.

 Academic eligibility

  • You must have completed their post-secondary program within the 12 month period prior to submitting an application to the program;
  • Your post-secondary program must be at least four semesters in length resulting in a college diploma or university diploma or degree; and
  • You must have been registered in a full course load (normally three courses per semester) for the two semesters prior to graduating. 
  • Accommodation to the above points is made to recognize special circumstances for students with disabilities.

How to Apply

  1.  Submit your cover letter and a current copy of your resume through the Graduate Internship Program posting listed on our Current Openings page. (The Graduate Internship application form is no longer required).

  2.  For applicants who meet the eligibility criteria, an email will be sent indicating that you have been registered in the Graduate Internship Program. Registered applicants become candidates for Internships, and are retained on file for one year from the date of approval.

  3.  If a potential internship match to your education and experience is found, you will be contacted for an interview by the hiring department. As with all staffing in the GNWT, the Affirmative Action Policy is applied in staffing internship positions

Helpful Hints

  • Before you can start employment (i.e. sign a job offer), you must provide confirmation from the educational institution that you have completed the course work necessary for your diploma/degree.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your contact information is up-to-date.