Uploading Additional Applicant Information

On occasion there is a requirement to upload additional applicant information such as your:

  • Criminal Records Check (CRC);
  • Certificate/Diploma/Degree;
  • Journeyman Ticket(s);
  • Licenses;
  • Professional Registration;
  • Proof of Affirmative Action; or
  • Reference Contact Information.

Note: You will need to have your selected document saved on your computer

From your Careers Home Page, Select Additional Applicant Information under My Career Tools.

This will bring you to your My Career Tools page.

  • Note the 4 digit Job Opening ID # for the Job Opening you would like to upload the information. This will be required when you are uploading the attachment.


  • The Job Opening ID can be found in My Applications in the Job Opening ID column or as the Resume Title in the Resumes box.

  • Select Add Attachment under the Additional Applicant Information.

On the My Attachments, Add Attachments page:

  • Select appropriate Attachment Type from the Drop Down List;

  • Enter the relevant Job Opening ID Number; and


  • Select Add Attachment.

On the Upload Page:

  • Select ;
  • Find and Select the saved document on your computer. Remember your document must be in one of the following formats: “.doc”, “.pdf”, or ”.txt” in order to be able to be READ once uploaded. Other Formats, including ZIP files should not be used.;
  • Select ;
  • Confirm that the correct document is listed in the text box; and
  • Select .

Once you have selected upload, you should select the attachment name link to confirm that you have the correct attachment.

If you need to change the attachment:

Select the back navigation arrow in the top right hand corner of your computer screen;

  • Reconfirm the location of the document that you want to upload on your computer; and
  • Repeat above directions to upload the correct document.

Once you have confirmed that the attachment is correct, select:

  • “Save & Return” if you do not have any additional attachments; or
  • “Save & Add More” to complete the upload and add more attachments.

Your attachment(s) will now appear on your My Career Tools page under Additional Applicant Information.

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