Applying on a Job Opening

From the Careers Page:

  • select the title of the Job Opening that you are interested in.
  • Do NOT select the Selection Boxes.

Once on the Job Summary Page:

1. Select “Apply Now” to apply on the job opening.


2. Upload a Resume & Cover Letter

There are a few things to note when uploading your Resume and Cover Letter.

One Document for Resume and Cover Letter

  • Your resume and cover letter must be included in the same document. You can only upload one document.

Document Format

  • Your document must be in one of the following formats: “.doc”, “.pdf”, or ”.txt” in order to be able to be READ by the Selection Committee once uploaded. Other Formats, including ZIP files CANNOT be read.

Document Title

  • The title of your document cannot contain any special characters such as \ / : “ * ? < >. If it does and you try to upload it, you will get an error message indicating that your resume could not be parsed.”

Once you have your Cover Letter and Resume that you wish to use to apply on this Job Opening:

  • saved on your computer together in one document;
  • with an appropriate title; and
  • in one of the appropriate formats (“.doc”, “.pdf”, or ”.txt”)
  • Select the radial button for “Upload a Resume and Cover Letter,” then select “Continue.”

  • Select ;
  • Find and Select the saved document that contains BOTH your Cover Letter and Resume on your computer;
  • Select ;
  • Confirm that the correct document is listed in the text box; and
  • Select .

Once you have selected upload, you should select “View Attachment” to confirm that you have the correct attachment. Confirm that this attachment:

  • has BOTH YOUR COVER LETTER AND RESUME in the ONE document;
  • the Cover Letter and Resume that you would like to submit for this Job Opening; and
  • that you can view the document. If you are not able to open the document, the HR Representative will not be able to either. The document is in an appropriate formats (“.doc”, “.pdf”, or ”.txt”).

Once you select , you WILL NOT be able to change or attach a different document.

If you need to change the attachment at this point, select “Return to Previous Page”, reconfirm the location of the document (containing both the Cover letter and resume) that you want to upload on your computer and repeat above directions to upload the correct document.

Once you have confirmed that the attachment is correct, select to complete the upload.

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